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Steel Fencing In Houston

Our steel fences aren't just built. The materials are hand picked and held to a quality standard. Each piece is measured and cut to precision. The steel panels aren't just welded together. They're perfectly placed and welded not only for durability, but also to be visually pleasing. Our steel fences are given a primer coat for protection and a final shiny powder coat to be as beautiful as they are strong. And when they're installed, they're accountable to stand strong and made to last a lifetime.

Whether you're looking for a steel gate to compliment your driveway, or if you're needing to secure your property, Bardo's your one-stop steel fence installation service. Ask us about fencing art! We can create a classic, traditional steel gate or a modern, artistic one of your choice. If you're seeking a quick team full of integrity and creativity to build your steel gate or fence, you're in the right place.

Upon request, we can add wood picket fences in between your steel fencing for privacy. Steel fencing is also commonly referred to as iron fencing, wrought iron fencing, metal fencing, metal gates, steel gates, etc. However you call them, you’ll be happy you called Bardo’s Fencing!

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